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“Where the dead come to dance is where they shall drink”

Wander down Wood Street and you’ll see all the usual haunts, including a favourite of ours: Lucha Libre. People in their hundreds choose to dine in the authentic Mexican street-food inspired restaurant but only a select few know that there is a staircase that leads down to a different world. Welcome to Maya, an extraordinary bar that aims to represent the Mexican spirit surrounding Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This is a holiday that has widespread through the world but the main focus of the day lies in Mexico where families and friends choose to celebrate those who have passed in a way that challenges status quo.


Upon entering you are immediately overwhelmed with a Gothic dungeon-like presence that is both chilling and enthralling. Despite an eerie feeling, the ambiance of the place is quite spectacular as the whole room is candle-lit with the odd crucifix in neon lighting that serves the purpose of combating the usual taboo of death. The owners of Lucha Libre have been extremely clever with the whole building. Both aspects pay homage to the history and tradition of Mexico as well as giving an experience not too dissimilar to the real thing right now, they just saved you the 11 hour flight.


The drinks are displayed as tarot cards in their menu which perpetuates the deathly concept whilst also remaining equally ironic as depending on which cocktail you choose, your destiny is likely to be altered. One too many of their Classic Margaritas will have you digging your own grave at the end of the night. The cocktail makers have like the Heston Bloomenthal’s of the cocktail world, unusual fusions and potent concoctions are the work of experienced bar staff who don’t shy on the side of safe when making drinks. One of our favourites they make which has an unreal Mexican feel is the El Apache which consists of Woodford reserve Bourbon, mint & cactus, pimento & prickly pear Briottet liquer. Trust us – you’ll love it.

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Good news for Independent Liverpool cardholders is you can now benefit from 2 for 1 cocktails on Sunday-Thursday on any of their cocktails. Make you keep up to date with all their latest news and offer by visiting their website,  by liking them on Facebook /mayaliverpool and following them on twitter @mayaliverpool

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