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We can’t help but smile when we say the word cheese; it’s in our genetic makeup – hence the reason why we say it when get our pictures taken.

The Liverpool Cheese Company is Liverpool’s finest purveyor of specialist and artisanal cheeses, and with such a wide and varied selection they have something for everybody’s taste. You’ll find them in the perfect setting for such a company: a Grade II listed dairy in Woolton Village. This oldyworldy setting would make you think that you were far away from Liverpool and instead in a little farmer’s shop in Cheshire – in fact, the older generation who live nearby will probably remember the cows being walked up the road for milking. This perfect setting only adds to the authenticity of the love and passion the team has for a foodstuff which predates recorded history.

As soon as we opened the door we were greeted with a delightful whiff of potent cheeses of all shapes, sizes and colours – a real cheese utopia. Behind the counter was Vickie Anderson, Cheesemonger of The Liverpool Cheese Company. It must be noted that to hold such a title one has to undergo years of studying and tasting cheese (tough job but somebody’s got to do it!) put it this way, she could probably tell a camembert from a brie blindfolded. She talked us through the wide variety she stocks in the shop and we were impressed to find that at any one time there is 200 different cheeses stocked. Eager to try one we went for the tasty Baltic; a cheese made by Maggie Maxwell at Doddington in Northumberland but the rind is washed in Summer Ale from the Baltic Fleet Brewery. Cheese isn’t made in Liverpool but this is as closest it will get.

Although The Liverpool Cheese Company is not a deli, they have a great range of products that compliment cheese. There’s crackers, local chutney, local honey, and most importantly in our eyes – local beer. They also cater for a variety of special occasions and you can arrange for them to put on a cheese party.  We noticed on the wall  a fascinating picture of something which resembled a wedding cake, except this wasn’t a normal wedding cake, no, it was a wedding cake made of cheese.  Apparently this is very popular so if you love cheese so much you want a cheese wedding cake then The Liverpool Cheese Company can cater for your needs.

So stop dunking into your dairylea, put down the babybel and go crazy for Camembert and start wishing for Wensleydale. It is perfect if you fancy a bit more than the normal cheddar, or you are after an alternative wedding cake made of cheese. Make sure you like The Liverpool Cheese Company on Facebook, follow them on twitter @liverpoolcheese and check their website to keep up to date with all their latest news, events and offers. Great news for Independent Liverpool Cardholders is that you are entitled to 10% off purchases over £20 excluding alcohol so there is no excuse not to fully brand yourself as a cheese connoisseur forever more.