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A little bit of the White Isle in Liverpool.

Based in the former Rockwood Bar and Cue, hidden on Back Colquitt Street, La Finca Eivissa has been transporting the good people of Liverpool to the Balearic Islands since December. Tasty tapas, killer cocktails and a pretty stunning interior that wouldn’t look out of place on Pinterest is the winning formula. Secrets are meant to be broken and this is one hidden gem we couldn’t keep to ourselves. The rather shocking couple days of sun the last few weeks have got us in the mood for a holiday and, after some digging, we found one. The only difference being we didn’t need a passport for this one.

That beloved and idolised Ibiza spirit famous all over the world is captured in a brand new venue, across three whole floors. Balearic vibes, areas to chill, tapas style food, sangria, beers & cocktails, cracking gins as well as detox drinks and smoothies. Chill in the evening and party into the early hours. There’s certainly something for everyone. When they haven’t managed to bring the weather over you can always expect the best Ibizan drinks, cocktails and tapas under one roof.

Liverpool’s got big love for little plates. Is it the fact you can order way too much food guilt-free under the guide of small plates? We’re saying nothing. There’s something quite beautiful and laid-back about the tapas way that is good for the stomach and the soul. Dishes flying out the kitchen when they’re ready – there’s definitely comfort in the chaos. The people’s champs come in the form of the honey-glazed chorizo, ham and cheese croquettes and crispy calamari. The unexpected heroes were found in the coconut and rum sticky wings, sweet potato braves and Balearic lamb stew. Veggie, vegan, meat-lover or fussy eater will all find solace here.

All that food can be thirsty work so it’s a good job there’s a cocktail selection so good you’ll be planning your next visit on your first. The Blood Orange Mango Mojito was a particular favourite of ours – summer in a glass. It tasted like straight up juice. The kind of drink you’d chin all day and it’d hit you all at once on the taxi home and there’s some embarrassing text messages you have to delete and never speak of again the following morning. The Salted Caramel Espresso Martini is also worth checking out. If cocktails aren’t your thing you might be delighted to find out you can build your own sangria and bewildered to why nobody has done this before. Choose your wine, fruits, liquors, mixers and a topper and bask in your own awesomeness (and their comfy couches).

We are delighted to announce Independent Liverpool cardholders can get 25% off food all week (max 2 people per card)!