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They say the only people who tell the truth are drunkards and children, sober minded or inebriated – revellers of the night will tell you Heebie Jeebies is one of the best places to go in Liverpool.

Known as Heebies to its devoted fans, if you live for the weekend then we guess you have ended up drunkenly stumbling out of a taxi in an attempt to head towards Seel Street. This isn’t the kind of establishment you will only enter if your level of intoxication would break a breathalyser, it is in fact the kind of place where a quick protocol pit stop in the toilets can lead to finding yourself a new best friend. To many, Heebie Jeebies and Heebies Basement hold a cult-like status in which it is the place you enter for your first drink and usually end up having your last whilst planning your return somewhere in between.


Serving up alcoholic beverages and life-long hazy memories for almost 7 years now, originally Heebie Jeebies was just a basement. It was dedicated to jazz nights and with it’s extremely underground, dark, and laid-back atmosphere, we could imagine the people of Liverpool being lulled to sleep by the soft Jazz Blues. Whilst the echoing of the saxophone has come to a halt, Heebies has expanded whilst implementing arabesque aspects into their interior. Some walls are covered in oval-shaped tensile mugshots of an illustrated woman taken from different angles in black and white. This figurative display of art rests nonchalantly in the same proximity as more minimalist interior which is a eloquent juxtaposition.


Unsurprisingly, Heebie Jeebies has universal appeal. Upstairs you will find modern professionals and fellow colleagues forgetting the hard week at the office with a drink or two. You will find the hipsters outside smoking menthol’s, drinking mixers and enjoying the rambunctious ambiance. The indie-cindies will huddle by the bar covered in polka-dots, taking shots followed by some unique facial expressions. The basement is full of student who fill the basement weekly with their comb-overs, energetic disposition and their excess aftershave. If you are recently entering Liverpool to study, your local for the next three years is sorted. Heebie Jeebies really does bring every member of society together and for one night breaks down any social barriers that would negate such friendships transpiring. With good music and the abundance of alcohol, Heebie Jeebies is something that every person of Liverpool should experience at least once.

Head down to Heebies any day of the week and we promise the after morning melancholy will be worth it. Become a regular and you will take the sentence ‘remember that night in Heebies?’ with you everywhere in life. Whilst “heebie Jeebies” can be defined as being consumed with nervousness we can confirm that this bar will do nothing but give you a sore head. Speaking of sore heads, if you were to use your Independent Liverpool Membership Card here, you will get a free shot when you buy a drink  Follow them on Twitter @OfficialHeebies and @HeebiesBasement give them a like on Facebook: ‘Heebie Jeebies Liverpool’ but make sure the next time you paint the town red, it’s there.