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There are a few stretches in your own city that you will undoubtedly hold close to your heart. For the Fab Four it was Penny Lane but for us at Independent Liverpool, we will never grow tired of the meander down the absolutely beautiful  Rose Lane.

So striking in fact, there are rumours it’s sheer elegance was enough to eradicate a worried students Mother and her stereotype of Scousers. If you are lucky enough to have walked down the blossom covered promenade in the last decade, you would have come across Espresso Plus. Although it started off half the size, Espresso Plus’ gradual crescendo has led to them growing into a much larger space over the years, increasing their ability to satisfy more customers at once.

In an attempt to strive against archaic guidelines it is hard not to be captivated by the audaciously bright and almost fluorescent green walls that are accompanied by the bold orange chairs that brighten your day – literally. As if the decor wasn’t artistic enough,  the walls are also covered in humbling landscapes of Liverpool by a local photographer that capture the sheer brilliance of Liverpool in a few square feet. Upon grabbing a coffee with the owner Tim, we were not flabbergasted to find out that he previously had a flourishing career in art & design. His aptitude for art led him to journey the world but throughout his peripatetic lifestyle, Tim’s hometown was never too far from his mind. This led him to leave this life behind and create the endearing Espresso Plus with his wife Marianne.


In Espresso Plus you won’t find any frozen meals, they pride themselves in that everything you eat will be fresh. From local fresh vegetables to local cupcake makers supplying the cake, Espresso Plus serve nothing but the best with a modest smile on their face. You will find specials chalked on the board, they are currently doing daily summer salads with some delicious and unusual combinations. They pride themselves on the sense of community they have instilled and especially enjoyed the course of watching it develop.  Whilst there we observed an employee and customer mingling over their morning coffees which was refreshingly organic in comparison to a corporate service that demands the highest number of customers are served rather than satisfied. Throughout the years Espresso Plus have created a contagious artistic aura which has led to it being a focal point for local musicians to piece together their next chart stopper and writers who have come to refine their latest novel.

Cardholders, take the walk down Rose Lane and get 10% off. Whilst endeavouring to sell good coffee, Espresso Plus also has a license to sell alcohol but whilst most places would just stop there, they also do monthly wine tasting events with a three course meal. In an attempt to educate people about wine from grapes to glass, the events are hosted by the owner which is a testament to his personal level of involvement. The events are usually themed based on location so your taste buds travel  the world whilst you take a simple trip to Espresso Plus.  One month you could be sipping French Sauvignon Blanc, envisaging Eiffel towers and patisseries and the next you could be sauntering along a boardwalk embracing the Spanish skyline drinking Rioja. Make sure you follow them on Twitter @espressoplusUK to keep up to date with their events and menu changes but more importantly head down there as soon as you can.