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A New York inspired sandwich bar Fresh coffee & the best subs this side of the Atlantic 

Welcome to the Derek’s family! The story begins with two lads from Liverpool with a love for New York; the culture, the hustle.. but above all – the lunchtime hour! Stepping out of an Italian American deli on a Brooklyn street corner, with a Reuben in hand, they knew they had to bring home a bite.

Opening March 2021, Derek’s has become more than just a sandwich joint with a sopranos twist and killer service!

Best friends Ethan and Adam came up with the concept for Derek’s Coffee & Sandwiches after their many trips to see their friend in Brooklyn and their travels around the States.

Their love of American culture, from the rich coffee to the huge pastrami-laden sandwiches, inspired them to bring a taste of New York to Allerton, where they both grew up.

The guys have taken the humble but mighty sandwich from the streets of America to the hands of us scousers, with even a “dereks’ cult following to boot (check out there insta 17k of you already do!)

You’ll be indoctrinated when you try your first gabagool too!

They named the place Derek’s after Ethans grandad, it’s also his middle name. “He was quite entrepreneurial and we wanted an old school name.” – You can even catch a glimpse of him and they guys around the shop.

Where – 47A Allerton Rd, Liverpool L18 2DA

63 College Rd, Liverpool L23 0RL

When – Tuesday to Sunday Subs from 11am

Offer – 10% off for card holders!


ps. keep and eye out for Scoops – COMING SOON!