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There is always something happening around a beer.

It seems all the best ideas start after a beer. Lifelong Liverpool natives, holidaying in Texas, entered a craft beer bar for the first time, a visit which left a lasting mark, a visit that created a burning desire to bring their experience to their home city of Liverpool. And that they did, much to the happiness of beer drinkers in Liverpool. When people think about craft beer they think of a hirsute male, with a twirly moustache sipping on some sort of Pumpkin IPA announcing notes of niche flavours in some tremendously over the top fashion. That, for most part, isn’t the case and especially at Dead Crafty Beer Co. It has quickly become the hop headquarters of the year with an ever-changing and incredibly exciting range of beers and meet the brewers events. Pull up a chair at the bar, tell the barman to surprise you and drink just enough of it until texting your ex starts to sound like a good idea.

The bars big red ribbon was cut in March 2016 by no other than Steve Hindy, owner of Brooklyn Brewery. A beer blessing, if there ever was one and since then Dead Crafty Beer Bar has become a locals bar right bang in the city centre. It’s dog friendly – meaning you don’t have to be drink pints on your lonesome receiving picture updates via WhatsApp of what the dog has been doing. He or she will be right there next to you. It’s the kind of a place where you’ll be treated like a regular, despite how long you’ve been in there. And it’s that kind of welcome which will inevitably turn you in to a regular. They’ve created a little community within the bar and it just keeps going. Dead Crafty believe there is a beer out there for everyone and it’s their job to find it. So pull up a chair and take your time. Because great beer is worth savouring and Dead Crafty is a bar well worth supporting.

The centre-piece to the room is 20 rotating taps where you’ll very rarely try the same beer twice (unless it’s a particular favourite). Since opening they have been lucky enough to have a number of UK beer launches, including Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) and later this month they have the first ever UK pour of CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)  They’ve also been selected to be one of 12 bars in the UK to be a Cornerstone bar. This is part of the Stone Berlin pilot project which gives them access to their small batch super rare kegs. If that wasn’t enough, they also hold monthly meet the brewer events and they’ve even handed over the bar to Magic Rock and Wild Beer for a week long residency where they took over all 20 taps. To encourage customers to try different styles that they wouldn’t normally try they also started a monthly bottle sharing event The Dead Good Bottle Society, hosted by Ben Jackson the supervisor and also owner of local brewery, Top Rope Brewing Company. As you can see – Dead Crafty Beer Bar is more than just a bar. The owners bleed beer and are in it for the love. Is there any love as sweet as the love of beer?

A word from the owners:

“If you’d have told the owner 3 years ago that I’d have opened a bar I would have thought you were crazy.  It was never part of the plan, I was an Intelligence Analyst for the NHS and Gareth was (and still is) a rigger for the entertainment industry. We’ve always had a love for craft beer, in fact we build our family holidays to the USA around what breweries we want to visit. The inspiration came from an event we attended in Houston, Texas at this cool bar called the Haymerchant.  Goose Island were holding their annual event, Migration Week and, not having heard of it before we went along. We were blown away by what was happening before us.  People were coming in for a drink on their own after work and striking up friendships with total strangers over beer.  Vintage bottles were being sold for at least $80 and those who bought them were going round and sharing them with people they hadn’t met before. It struck us then that this is what Liverpool was missing.  As soon as I came back home I drew up a business plan and here we are today.  A lot of my NHS colleagues thought I was insane to leave a well paid job and walk into the unknown but I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”


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