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Inspired by the New York baking scene, Matthew and Elaine decided to give up their day jobs and follow their dream by bringing a little slice of New York to Liverpool, with a traditional English twist.

Thus, Cuthbert’s Bakehouse was born and is now celebrating its second birthday. Located right by the universities, their main customers include students and lecturers which has inspired a little intellectual hub (and an excuse to escape from the library and replenish on coffee!).


A teacup collection larger than the most avid Granny’s assemblage is the first thing you are captivated by when you enter. Your eyes then follow your nose which leads you to the sight of home baked cupcakes and fresh croissants. Once seated, without a second’s hesitation the waitress advised that we try the Turkey Club which is revered by Cuthbert’s customers. With fresh homemade bread crammed with copious amounts of prime turkey breast, bacon, stuffing and cranberry sauce, it was more of an event than a sandwich. But don’t typecast Cuthbert’s as a traditional English tea room – we also got a delicious bowl of Nachos that rivals any Mexican restaurant.


To follow our gargantuan lunch it was time to try their famous home baked cakes. The carrot cake was sublime and the best one we have had the joy of tasting to this date. The red velvet cake is another beloved household favourite but we can corroborate that any of the cakes will taste better than your Grandmother’s… but don’t tell her that. It is worth noting that Cuthbert’s also offer a Ritz style afternoon tea which looked amazing but we will try that next time.


Our lasting impression was that Cuthbert’s certainly puts the pleasant in Mount Pleasant and is one of the finest independent tea rooms Liverpool has to offer. Whether you fancy a romantic spot of afternoon tea for two, one of their exceptional homemade cupcakes or a hearty meal, then make sure you become part of the Cuthbert’s family. Give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook or visit their website at for all the latest news and offers.