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“Harry, I’m going to let you into a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men’s store, a catnap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot black coffee.”- Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks.


When was the last time you treated yourself? The last time you were able to just sit down, relax, and let the world pass you by? Well it’s about time you did. Now, Cow & Co might not be able to buy you a man’s shirt, or let you catnap in your office, but it can, in the words of Agent Cooper, give you, “A damn fine cup of coffee.” The coffee is divine. The world’s friendliest staff are on hand to brew you up a mug full of Origin Coffee with a big smile alongside it. We can assure you, whether you’re having an Americano or an Espresso, the crema is so light on these coffees that you could ditch the mattress and sleep on it instead.


What’s that? Been so busy that you haven’t even thought of sitting down and eating? Or maybe just the intoxicating aroma of coffee is enticing your taste buds? Well it’s a good thing that Cow &Co has a glorious offering of sandwiches, bagels and flatbreads. With beautiful pairings ranging from blue cheese, grilled pear, leaves and pecans to serrano, salami and gherkins, these glorious combinations feed both the soul and your curiosity. Believe us, these sandwiches are what your soul has been crying out for. We reckon that on the scale of amazing things, it’s right up there with finding a fiver in your pocket. If sandwiches aren’t your thing or your sweet tooth is calling you, then there is an amazing array of assorted cakes and cookies. Oh, and meringues. Fluffy, crunchy, chewy mountains of happiness the size of doorstops which made us go weak at the knees. Eating any of these sweet treats is certain to take you to cloud nine. Speaking of clouds, did we mention the meringues?


The detail in the café is absolutely remarkable. The Cow&Co opened up in 2012 as a homewares store, offering beautiful independent designs at affordable prices. After a while, they thought that people coming in might want a brew while they were browsing and put in a lovely little coffee machine.Even with its glorious metamorphosis into a neighbourhood café, there’s still a small selection of giftwares on the cafe shelves, chosen from over 700 products online at, and the cafe is the largest stockist of independent magazines in Liverpool. Even the plates you eat off (Aubrac tableware designed by founders Benji and Nicola Holroyd and crafted by a potter in Lancashire, no less) are available to buy, so you can grab a snack and add an injection of style to you or your home at the same time. Which is probably the best multitasking ever. Of course Cow&Co is hooked up to that amazing lifeline that is the internet.


If you get a little carried away in the sumptuous atmosphere and glorious coffee, then don’t fret! When you get home, you can simply type in [1] and you can grab whatever you see there from the café next time you pop in (everything is available for click and collect at the café itself.) While you’re there, are you wondering what they’re playing in the café itself? Just look it up online. The playlist is all up there, and changes weekly. If you’re not only a connoisseur of caffeine, calories and commodes but of cool tunes as well, then this wee café is a gold mine of classy, beautiful beats.

Cow & Co is a glorious microcosm of a café, where as soon as you enter through the doors you leave any worries behind you. This little slice of heaven is found only a stone’s throw away from the city centre serving up a glorious serving of tranquility, peace and style. If you need a place to retreat to for working, reading, catching up on some, “me time,” or just to have a coffee and a bite to eat, this café will hit the spot. It’s a cwtch in a café. What’s a cwtch? Cwtch is a Welsh word meaning a cuddle that makes you feel happy, at home and completely at peace. This café will give you a cwtch, a coffee and a cake, and tell you that everything is all right.

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