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Bold Street has become synonymous with burgeoning independent ventures in recent times and its capacity to welcome the most niche cuisine from across the globe is showing no sign of slowing down.

Such is the scale of multicultural dining experiences evident within arguably the city’s most diverse and emerging location, there’s a distinctive formula required to survive and thrive in the heart of Liverpool’s food and drink locale, and Chicha promises to offer exactly that. Stepping inside the only Peruvian restaurant in Merseyside, you are immediately immersed into South American culture. The energetic graffiti artwork that completes the décor of this unique space, coupled with Andean-themed music, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The furniture, imported from Peru, provides an insight into just how much thought and detail has been put into ensuring Chicha’s unquestionable authenticity.

Before we go any further, we feel it’s our duty to warn you that this write up will be full of delicious food pictures. Expect drooling, sighs of dismay and overwhelming frustration you don’t have that banana split in your mouth. We’re just as upset as you. Anyway, say hello to Chicha everybody, Liverpool’s Peruvian restaurant bringing a slice of South America to our laps. From the traditional to modern twists, the whole menu is intriguing and offers flavour combinations we’ve never seen before. In the name of research, we headed there immediately and tried more than half the menu, just for you.

On the second floor of the restaurant, there is a fully-fitted bar and spacious sitting area where those simply out for drinks can relax and enjoy Peru’s speciality Brandy ‘Pisco’, the main ingredient in most of the cocktails on offer. The food menu has a wealth of options for veggies and meat-eaters alike, as well as a rotating 3 dishes for £11 menu between 12pm & 6pm on weekdays. Specialising in small plates, the combination of sweet and savoury throughout is surprisingly delicious. The level of creativity in what would typically be described as simpler dishes at Chicha make it a particularly charming venue.

By default, Chicha is the best Peruvian restaurant in the city. Still, they don’t rest on the fact they’re the only ones doing that kind of food, they’re going full steam ahead to bring a slice of South America to Bold Street. From a Peruvian beef broth so good you’ll end up drinking it to soft ceviche, it’s all interesting and some plates deserve a frame around them rather than to be eaten. We especially return for the Halloumi cheese encased in a Latin American pastry because, what’s better than cheese wrapped in buttery pastry? From the pork belly with papaya, saffron pickled pineapple and chorizo jam to the peanut crusted soft shell crab – these are ingredients we’ve all seen before but they’re not as you know it.

Words by Andy Ryan