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Coffee, Cocktails and Cinema: Café Tabac is the closest to a continental experience you can get in Liverpool.

The exterior of the shop is lit up with neon red signs, taking you away from Bold Street and onto the cobbled streets of Amsterdam. The interior is reminiscent of the Nouvelle Vague period which made us feel like we were in 60s Paris, that is until we heard the DJ playing 90s East-Coast hip-hop – a sign that Tabac takes the best bits of history and incorporates it into their ethos.


There is a strong case to support the view that Tabac’s Espresso Martinis are the best in Liverpool. With the perfect blend of the finest espresso and martini, it’s easy to forget that this is an alcoholic drink and not iced coffee (caffeine addicts and lightweights beware). Keeping up with their continental feel, the Paris Manhattan could be seen as a representative of what Tabac stands for; sophisticated, flirty and chic. However, Tabac also has a vast range of other spirits and a great range of lagers.


If you don’t fancy staying in the bar area, then you can go to Tabac’s cinema room. The comfortable chairs of the cinema hugged us and whilst we sipped our cocktails by candlelight it may be fair to say suspicion was aroused concerning our sexuality. They show everything from Lion King to The Godfather. In fact, you can request any film and Tabac will be happy to play it for you and your fellow film enthusiasts.


Whether you are after the most important meal of the day, a swift lunch or a classy soiree, Tabac has been successful in pleasing all its customers for the past 38 years. Head down with your card and get 10% off the bill. To accompany the increasingly popular Orange Wednesday 2-4-1 film ticket promotion, Tabac has capitalised on this demand and offers a 2-4-1 burger deal meaning a night out with your special one won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If burgers do not tickle your fancy, Tabac has a wide ranging menu; we would recommend the soup-and-sandwich meal! Make sure you give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook to keep up with their ever changing and experience enhancing promotional offers.