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As if dieting wasn’t hard enough.

Keeping up with Liverpool is proving hard at the moment. Each month there’s a new this and a new that but Liverpool’s latest addition to its already effervescent independent scene might just top the lot. The leafy suburbs of Childwall is home to a row of pretty-looking independents and offers the perfect respite away from the humdrum of the high street. Whilst it’s already worth a visit, the news that ‘Artisane’ has now opened confirms it. Yes, that’s right, Liverpool recently got its first authentic French patisserie so empty your cupboards of John West tuna and make way for macarons, choux pastries and enough petit fours to make Mary Berry need a lie-down.


Artisane is brought to you by the guys behind The French Corner. They’ve been going close to a decade and have built up an avid fan base. Even if you haven’t heard of them, chances are that you have had a sandwich with their bread or have eaten one of their amazing cakes over the years as they’re stocked all over Liverpool and are used by many restaurants, bars and hotels. The team is made up of a mix of local and international. French bakers with brioche in their blood now call Liverpool their home and work alongside budding local bakers to crank out hundreds of loaves and delicious treats every day. This is all done from a unit in Anfield, where they’re up at the crack of dawn freshly making everything from scratch.


After almost 9 years of selling wholesale they’ve decided to answer the prayers of their devote fans and open up shop. Much to the delight of them, us and probably all of you reading this. French pâtisserie is revered by customer and chef alike – and no wonder, for not anyone can call themselves a pâtissier. In France and Belgium, only those who train hard and pass various examinations can claim the title for themselves and their business. The classic French pâtisserie, with their stunning window displays, are a national institution and Liverpool just got its own.


You can smell Artisane before you can see it. Wafts of fresh bread and pastries have swept Woolton Road and nobody is complaining. The interior of Artisane pays homage to the traditional French patisserie. It is bright, light and the mecca of macarons fill the room with bright colours. It is purposefully simple to let the produce do the talking. The counters are full of all sorts of delicious sins ranging from the classic pan au chocolat to a Chantilly choux and everything in between. The desserts themselves are works of art. Meticulously decorated and precisely placed, they’re almost too pretty to eat with the thousands of thin layers of pastry and perfectly piped cream. Almost being the optimum word.