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It is well known amongst independent store enthusiasts that Renshaw Street offers an array of the most spiritual independent shops in Liverpool.

Adding to the spirituality of the stretch, 81 Renshaw Street is a café that oozes creativity and artistic prowess. 81 are doing their little bit to ensure that it isn’t all doom and gloom after the departure of Rapid and Lewis’. With a unique menu, the availability to buy any of the transcendent paintings off the wall and ‘Free Cake Friday’, why settle for the ordinary?

The extremely popular 69A has also left its imprint on the building as it spent some time here before moving a few doors down. 81 certainly keeps in line with their ancestors and would make them proud with the inventive and abstract art that covers the walls and the boho style furniture, which makes the place one a kind.


We were taken hostage by their big brown leather couch whilst we decided what to have for lunch. We decided to go for a chorizo, goat’s cheese and bacon omelette as well as a smoked salmon and scrambled egg bagel. Whilst we waited for our food we sipped our coffee and gazed out onto the Liverpool strip in deep meditation, the only thing making us snap out of it was the much anticipated arrival of our food.


After finishing our delicious meals we were told about ‘Free Cake Friday’ (the best kind of news). We opted for the gluten free orange and almond cake as well as a delicious slice of the peanut butter and jam cake. You could say we were having our cake and eating it. The owner then offered to show us the back of the shop which is a large space dedicated to art workshops, rehearsal rental, as well as hosting the cabaret night ‘Embryo’. This is an evening which welcomes all from the wonderful to the weird for just a few pounds entry. The next event is on the 24th, so get yourselves down there!


The owner’s desire, love and creativity is illustrated through all her doings and it is impossible not to leave without feeling a little bit of her stimulus in you. Whether you fancy being inspired or are just after a spot of lunch, 81 Renshaw Street is a café that offers all and welcomes all. Make sure you search and ‘like’ them on Facebook and attend their next event. Cardholders will get 10% off at all times so go and wave your card at them.