Two Liverpool institutions have come together to build a better future.

The Whitechapel Centre, Liverpool’s leading homeless charity, and Liverpool Cathedral, who play an important role in the life of the city, have come together to realise a dream of a Sleepout in the Cathedral with money going to help eradicate homelessness and repair the roof of The Cathedral. A fantastic opportunity we’re all chomping at the bit to take but with a poignant reminder underneath it all; this is some people’s reality and this is far better conditions than they could hope for. And the worst part? People that were once our friends, family and neighbours now search for solace in corners of streets to escape from the weather and judgement society has cast over them. But you, can make a change, all whilst sleeping.


Picture by Mike Brits 

The event on the 2nd of April is an event where children and young people can get involved in an exciting and challenging fundraising event, because fundraising events are often more focused on grown-ups. Children and young people regularly show willingness to do something to help others, so hopefully this is a great chance for young-uns to show us what they’re made of. Whilst you’re there, the guys also want you to have some fun so there will be a prize for the best ‘den’ – so collect up some cardboard and see what you can build to sleep in, and they hope to see you in your best pyjamas, with your favourite puzzle.


There’s a long way to go to eradicating homelessness. Will it ever be eradicated? We don’t know but first we must challenge the stigma surrounding it and encourage a world full of open mindedness and kindness. We urge you to register, take the kids and set up a sponsor page. The vital money can help put an end to homelessness and to help the Cathedral repair the roof of such an iconic landmark in the city. Far greater than that, it will raise the profiles of both incredible institutions and the great work they do all-year round because if you think what they do is fantastic when they’re sleeping, imagine how good it is when they’re awake.


All details can be found here.

Special thanks to Dan H for the featured image, catch his work here.