“HUS translates as ‘house’ in Swedish – we want it to feel like home for people, a relaxed, cool place where people feel at ease and don’t have to worry about whether they’re wearing the right shoes”

From the same chaps behind The Baltic Social, HUS was born after spending time in Stockholm and Copenhagen and basically falling in love with the eating and drinking scene over there. The Tempest Building will be their home, many will know it for housing one of Liverpool’s most elaborate and beautiful pieces of street art on the back. The artwork depicts a female nomadic character complete with literal beehive hairstyle. She is set amid lush vegetation, symbolising new beginnings and the growth of start-up businesses within Liverpool. Quite apt for the new residents. Over there the lines between cafe, bar and restaurant are pretty blurred with lots of places changing role as the day moves on – this is something they fell in love with. How one space can be different to so many and look different through so many eyes. The kaleidoscopic effect. They reckon it’s the way forward and the relaxed and laid back vibes are what we wanted to bring back to Liverpool. It’s not going to be just a bar or just a restaurant – it’s a social space, gathering place and hangout with one of the most spectacular views of Liverpool on top of the roof.


When they found the site in the amazing Tempest building on Tithebarn street they knew it was going to be perfect for what they had in mind and what they thought was missing in the business district. They love the area – it feels completely different to what’s going on elsewhere in town – the streets are wide, the buildings are beautiful, it’s got a bit of a New York feel to it. HUS want to bring something brilliant to that area with quality food and drinks but in a much more relaxed way. The site is great – big and beautiful with the most amazing concrete ceiling we’ve ever seen. It’s love at first sight. Read more about it here. When they brought Richard Eastwood, their architect, over to see it he immediately knew what he wanted design. They’ve got the main bar area and also a beautiful underground bunker space they’re calling Kolbox – they’re going to host pop up supper clubs, art exhibitions, gigs, theatre and film nights down there.

So – HUS is going to be open from 8am doing brilliant coffee and breakfast and then continue on through the day – there’ll be beautiful open sandwiches for sitting in and for a quick take out as well as a brilliant small plates menu running right through from lunch until night time. There has always been a link with Liverpool and Scandinavia and the food will indeed be Scandi inspired – fresh, clean and beautiful with some classics thrown in too. They’re also dead excited to be the first Tank beer site in Liverpool and have got together with Krusovice to offer the best and freshest beer you can get – the beer arrives in a chilled tankard and is pumped directly into the tankard from the beer tanks that will sit on their concrete bar top. This just means a really cold, fresh pint. Who doesn’t want that?


HUS will be open by the end of the month. Please do support it.


HUS Tempest Building

12 Tithebarn Street

L2 2DT

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