You’ve seen the future of gin, come and see the history.

The ‘g’ word. Responsible for uncountable hangovers, embarrassing texts to ex-partners and in the words of Winston Churchill “saving more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the empire”. Although we don’t mean to keep harping on, there’s no denying the influence the 18th century spirit has had on the people of Liverpool. In the last couple of  years we’ve had gin cake, gin afternoon tea, gin festivals and a gin garden to enjoy them all in. Whilst all have been excellent, they’ve represented the new era of gin. Which brings us on quite nicely to ‘Gin & Fable’ – welcome to the old era.


Previously Cedar Gin & Fire, Gin & Fable has kept the same promise of a premium gin offering but promises to be very different. Meander past The Mayflower and a whole other world shall reveal itself. A world where literature, whimsy and the macabre have mingled together to create a home for all spirits and an environment for you to try them. Speaking of spirits, we’re talking Sloe Gin home brewed right before your very eyes. That means there would have been almost three months of tender love and care before you take your first very sip. The Victorian era was dubbed as the ‘Golden Years’ by many historians and that transcends into the drinks menu. Especially with their house infused pear flavoured cognac that, although they recommend only sipping it, we’d quite frankly sip a pint of it.


The building itself, previous Le Bateau before Cedar, is brimming with natural beauty. Last year it was taken back to its exposed brick and wood and there’s a certain loveliness about that. It can almost feel unfinished in parts but we can confirm it’s purposeful and not the result of a lazy builder. Many weird and wonderful artefacts grace the venue, including some originals from one of the first ever humans to talk about gin. Gin & Fable sells itself as a bar that does food. The drink will accompany the food rather the usual way round. There will be many Victorian practices used throughout the menu, we are especially excited about the traditional curing of fish and meat. More than that, we’re pretty sure you are all about to lose your minds about the sloe gin and cheese board with their freshly made batches of sloe gin and local cheese. An absolute dream come true of mammoth proportions.


If you fancy keeping up to date with their developments before the big opening, like their Facebook page here. They’re even doing a competition to win a bath-load of gin every week until New Year’s Eve.