Creativity is 80% bourbon and 20% ice.

Liverpool; a city full of spirit, isn’t shy to the sight of an alcoholic drink. In fact, we’ve become renowned worldwide for what revellers of the night can expect within our bar scene. 2015 was the year of gin and craft beer and experts and pundits have all been asking the question “What next?”. Well, here’s the answer you’ve been looking for- bourbon. Two brothers, Mike and Ross, aptly named “The Bourbon Brothers” are here to take the city by a bourbon-scented storm with a festival in March dedicated entirely to the world of bourbon. We met up with the brothers to find out their story.


How did the idea come about?

If we’re being honest the initial idea came some time ago when we signed up for a trade account with an online retailer so we could get cheaper drinks for our personal collection. We both love Bourbon, the deeper more complex flavours that you don’t often see in some spirits, the history and famous bourbon fans like Frank Sinatra and more recently Mila Kunis put you in good company.

Its an idea that began at a beer festival in 2014 with research taking us to as many ‘festivals’ as possible, seeing how they were set up, and how we could improve. Essentially we enjoyed the festivals celebrating the differing drinks and decided we could do it better with the drink we had a passion for.

What do you do for a day job?

Mike is a sales manager by day and camera shy so his share of the work is predominantly back of house sales and planning. Myself, I have a leisure and hospitality background working with park resorts, Mecca Bingo, a number of restaurants and as a Dominos Pizza franchisee. I hated working for big brands so I gave it up to start this venture.

Why bourbon?

Bourbon – what’s not to like? We are a little behind in the UK in comparison to the rest of the world. There a literally hundreds/thousands of brands available and they can all be so different. One can bring notes of caramel, one can bring notes of popcorn and one can bring notes of cinnamon. Some are aged for years in barrels previously used for scotch, sherry or wine to change the flavour and there’s even a brand that puts the barrels on a ship to age them at sea for constant movement of the spirit. There’s a very exciting history to bourbon that people just don’t know about. 


How should you drink it?

We also strongly believe that you should drink it how you want it, straight, on the rocks, with ginger coke or mixed with a strawberry yahoo – it’s about enjoying it how you want to. Obviously the flavours are more pronounced when drunk alone but we’re not snobs (brought up in the posh end of Tuebrook and Walton) so we want a relaxed approach to enjoying bourbon.

Tell us about the event

Finally the event! Based on the 4th floor of the Maritime museum with views of the city river and docklands our guests will be able to select from over 80 different bourbons and ryes and American whiskeys. Unlike a lot of tasting events there will also be a full bar to choose from with premium products sourced from America including gin, vodka and more. 


Entertainment will include live music talks from industry experts and a few surprises too. Everyone who buys a ticket will receive a bourbon glass and a free drink on entry along with some goodies and a guide to the selection. Guests will be able to buy bottles of their favourites on the night (which we can deliver at a later date if they are out afterwards) along with themed food.

There are two sessions: Saturday 26th of March 2016: Afternoon Session 12.30pm – 5pm and Saturday 26th of March 2016: Evening Session 6.30pm – 11pm.

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