They say cheese gives you nightmares, but we all know sweet dreams are made of cheese.

Is it acceptable to like cheese more than most people? Asking for a friend. Let’s be honest, cheese makes us smile, that’s exactly the reason why we say it before getting our picture taken. Liverpool’s cheese scene is at an all time high and now a deli dedicated to the wonderful stuff has opened on the glorious Castle Street, an area making a huge name for itself. Salt House Bacaro, McGuffies, Pincho, Veeno and more already call Castle Street home but foodies of Liverpool are already eagerly anticipating the opening of Salt Dog Slim’s new pizza joint Santa Maluco and the new Mowgli will be located in the area too. The foodie quarter is going from strength to strength and we just had to check out the new dedicated cheese shop.

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Influenced by the bustling deli and food market scene present in London, Barcelona and other corners of the world, the emphasis is on well-sourced food. In a market of cheese and meat boards, your quality has to sing off the board and punch your taste buds in the mouth with flavour. The guys behind it also strive to bring you cheeses you might not have ever seen or tasted before to add to the experience. Castle Street seems to be the new place for hedonists. Life seems a bit slower around there and that’s the way they like it. A conglomerate of cheese lovers all tearing through blocks of cheddar and chutney with absolutely no remorse.


The interior is purposefully simple and lends itself to a traditional world renowned deli. Big clear windows and huge slabs of wood separate the diners, even though they’re all united by their love of the smelly stuff. Speaking of smelly stuff, as it isn’t for everyone, you’ll be relieved to know there are no pungent and intrusive wafts as soon as you enter. You’re greeted with a smile, hunks of cheese and meat and the promise you’ll return. You know what goes good with cheese? A big glass of wine. Speaking of wine, wouldn’t it be good if they put enough wine in bottles so other people could have a glass too? Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know all wine is hand selected by the super R & H Fine Wines, the true definition of a hidden gem and purveyors of a happy time spent drinking with good company. They’re located just around the corner on Queens Avenue if you fancy taking a bottle home with you.


We could go on, but we feel like we had you at cheese. Cheese & Co makes us excited about Liverpool’s future. There seems to be an era of specialisation in the world. No longer is the one size fits all approach a common thing, as people’s lifelong passions become a reality. There’s a certain romanticism about a place when it’s a labour of love and when every single cheese board comes with a huge side plate of passion. From the hello to the goodbye, Cheese & Co is a well oiled machine amongst good company and we’ll be back. As will you.

Address: 1 Derby Square, Liverpool, L2 9XL