An Italian bakery coming to Liverpool? We’re going to need some bigger pants.

Just like the amount of colours on the Italian flag, the husband and wife duo behind Italian Club and Fish, are set to complete their trio venture dream with a beautiful boutique bakery. Almost 10 years ago Italian Club, which sits snugly towards the top of Bold Street, opened its doors. It is one of the most charismatic eateries our city has to offer. In contrast to the typical British take on the Italian restaurant – that of checkered tablecloths, spaghetti bolognaise and a saturation of the Italian tricolour – the Club presents an understated authenticity. Its decor strikes a delicate balance between elegance and simplicity. Its high ceilings are adorned with gorgeous light fixtures, the walls are graced with an artful selection of maps, photographs and paintings. The inside is bright and spacious and complemented by an outside seating area – which is very unique on Bold street.


A few years on and just up the road Italian Club Fish was born. The Italian Club Fish is their take on fish, a marriage between British and Italian styles. Of all the places in the world, Rosaria’s family resided in a rainy and remote corner of the world called Scotland and this heavily influences the menu throughout. The Italian Club Fish pays nostalgic homage to all that fish and chips has given to them and the huge part it has played in their Italian story, while marrying it with the Mediterranean seafood specialties of their origins. One of the best restaurants in the city and always worth returning for.

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We caught up with Rosaria an her husband Maurizio:

“Since we began, we’ve always wanted a café bar & restaurant devoted to Italian cuisine, another more formal version of a traditional Scottish Italian café dedicated to a fish-inspired menu plus a retail-led bakery. After winning several awards for The Italian Club including a Top 10 slot in foodie bible Olive Magazine’s Best UK Italian Restaurants, its spurred us on to open The Italian Club Fish. We won awards for Fish too and then set about launching our concept of an Italian bakery. It’s been a long time in planning and we’ll be focusing especially on celebration cakes, Millefoglie with its thousand layer pastry and the finest breads…all produced of course with love and Italian style baking.”


Rosaria is inspired not only by the now well-chronicled family history in the business but also numerous restaurateurs operating across Liverpool’s burgeoning restaurant and café bar scene plus her own restaurant customers’ requests. You can always expect bright and beautiful spaces that boldly and proudly shows off produce as well as a level of authenticity you’ll struggle to find anywhere else. The proud Scottish Italian who now calls Liverpool her home is out to do Italian baking proud, one at a time. They open later on this week, keep in the loop with their Facebook page here

Address: 22 Newington, L1 4ED.