Where did we hear about it? Through the wire, of course.

What are you doing on the 17th of February? Well if you didn’t have plans, you might now. Love him or loathe him Kanye West is one of the most controversial characters of the 21st century and he now has a night dedicated purely to him. His ego is so swollen we wouldn’t have been surprised if he was running it himself but it turns out it is just two lads from Bristol called Toby and Alex. Expect songs, visuals, cutouts and a lot of laughs. We’ve been promised Kanye won’t be making an appearance himself but considering his kid is called North West, you never know.


We caught up with the two chaps behind it:

What is Kanye Fest and what can we expect?

Kanye Fest is an appreciation night to the worlds best rockstar, Mr Kanye West (his words, not ours). People can expect a night full of Kanye songs, Kanye visuals, Kanye cardboard cutouts & both Kim and Kanye masks. There will also be some giveaways.

Where did the inspiration for this come?

The Inspiration came when we were sat having a few drinks and we saw two other appreciation nights launch, being huge fans of Kanye West it was only right that we did one for him, we drunkenly came up with the poem and took things from there.

What do you do when you’re not arranging festivals dedicated to Kanye West?

Both myself and Alex are full time students at University in Bristol (we’re both having a mid term sabbatical to go on the UK tour).

Where is it?

It’s at 24 Kitchen Street on the 17th of February. Everyone should be very excited, we sold 100 tickets in an hour and it’s well on the way to selling out, we love Liverpool as a city and we can’t wait to see a packed out crowd give tribute to the greatest Glastonbury headliner ever.
Join the events page here and buy tickets before they sell out here.