A real life treasure hunt.

After chronicling fantastic stories in Liverpool over the last few years, there seems to be a common thread between great ideas born after a few alcohol beverages. Find My Box is similar in that sense, but not in the fact it isn’t like any story we’ve ever covered. Like all great ideas, this one is simple and one that is contributing to the buzz of the city. Adam and his partner were having a few glasses of vino not so long ago when they dreamt about owning their own independent one day. Whilst doing their own research, they soon found that people did not know the full extent of what was offer in Liverpool. It was in that restaurant, under that dim-light, a couple glasses deep into a bottle of red that the dream they never even knew they had was realised.


There’s something so elusive about a box. Endless possibilities lay inside the folding of the cardboard ranging from cinema tickets to sweets and everything in between. The team behind Find My Box engages with local independent businesses to encourage them to showcase some of their products in a hidden box and the finder of the said box will get to then enjoy the treats. You know when we were all kids and we were all obsessed with finding treasure chests under a giant X on a coffee stained coloured map? Well, this has been brought to real life and the treasure is tasty independent produce. They have had hidden boxes in charity shops, barbers, salons, dog groomers, hotels, and more. 

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Once all the clues are out there and people work out the location, the venue that is guarding the secret box keeps it safe until the first seeker enters. The aim of all of this is born out of the same passion and love for independents that also ignited our own flame. It is to get people out exploring independent Liverpool businesses. Often, after the box has been found tens of people will come down to try find it and after getting over the initial disappointment someone has beat them too it, they’ll stick around, have a wander and buy something. Retail therapy at its finest. They are also in the process of creating an independent vegan edition full of vegan treats which they will be hiding soon so make sure you keep an eye on their clues here.