Same mission, different method.

The Cycling Scouser has ditched the bike and picked up his running shoes. Andrew Rogerson cycled from Shanghai to Liverpool last year. The epic 10,000 mile journey raised thousands of pounds for the Anthony Nolan Charity. He set off in May and it took 5 months to cycle from Shanghai back to Liverpool. This year he’s just completed an equally gruelling mission of five marathons in five days across the tough terrain of the desert in Jordan.

Why you ask? Well it’s all for the Anthony Nolan charity as he and a group of friends from work (Jaguar Land Rover) created the “Barrow for Bone Marrow” team to fundraise and create awareness for the charity as one of their friends son Charlie got Leukemia and Anthony Nolan saved his life. Unfortunately the Leukemia has come back for a third time for Charlie and he is currently in the process of receiving chemotherapy treatment.

Andrew Rogerson, known to friends and family as “Rogo”, is literally the most selfless man in the world. Last year he gave up his flat, car and took unpaid leave to do that challenge and this time it’s his own weeks holiday. He set himself a target of £1000 for this challenge and has already reached it before getting to the finish line. He won the Echo pride of Merseyside last September before he’s finished the challenge and is just such an all round great representation of our fair city. Over the past few years he has climbed the highest mountains in both Europe and Africa, as well as cycling down the coast of Vietnam. His life has become a series of Top Gear specials with the end result hopefully being that a lot of money has been raised for charity

Andrew isn’t just a local hero, he’s a national one and we have a cold pint waiting for him when he returns. Safe flight Rogo, you can still donate here.