Same spirit, different space.

For what felt like the end of a book, turns out to be the end of a chapter. The Kazimier aren’t ready for their happily ever after just yet as they unveil their new chapter. In May 2016 The Kazimier launch a new venue in the North Docks of Liverpool and it plans to cut the big red ribbon in style as it opens with a new immersive spectacle created by the artistic team. The Kazimier lives on. The last episode in the Kazimier story ended with the closing of the Kazimier club, and the flight of the time-travelling spaceship Kronos at the NYE 2015 extravaganza: ‘Escape to Planet Kronos’. A beautiful sci-fi narrative that had all sorts of hidden meanings and analogies and a fitting goodbye for such an occasion.


After the closure of the Kazimier club on 1st January 2016, The Kazimier commenced work on its new home in Liverpool’s North Docks which is located 15 minutes walk from the city centre The Invisible Wind Factory is the spiritual successor to The Kazimier club, offering significantly increased size and possibility. The Kazimier can now announce their first full-scale production to take place in The Invisible Wind Factory: Omphalos – Energy Eternal. The Kazimier will also be using this event to unveil phase one of the new Invisible Wind Factory venue complex – experimental research facility and venue, equipped with a maker workshop, artist studios, garden, and performance venue. Yes, that’s right folks, a Kaz Gardens 2.0 that has a lot more space to play with.


Omphalos – Energy Eternal introduces the audience to the enigmatic group of researchers and practitioners known as IWF, who have provided the following statement:

“IWF operatives welcome you on a guided tour of the new research facility, and to a showcase of our recent experiments. Commencing in the Visitor Centre, you will learn of our story and voyage of scientific discovery – the pursuit of the elusive “Invisible Wind” – an Unseen energy travelling through the ether.’’

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The Kazimier story is one of defiance. It remind us that DIY music venues are about non conformity. The original building that will soon be bulldozed was fuelled by passion, inspired by culture and art, and stood for good times. It seems very apparent the osmosis of why The Kazimier was originally opened has spilled over into The Invisible Wind Factory. We have full confidence whatever weird and wonderful journey The Kazimier goes down, it will be a sight to behold and one that you won’t want to miss.

Tickets to the opening shows will be released tomorrow, we’ll update this article when they’re live.