Ladies and gentlemen, on the 15th October we’re launching an online shop, making it easier than ever to discover local. From the city, to your door. 

We’ve worked closely with artists, illustrators and more from the beginning but apart from the odd tweet, we had nothing of any substance to offer them. This is our way of making up for that lost time. On the 15th October we’re launching “The Shop”, a new way to discover independent and have it delivered straight to your door. On the shop there will be everything from tote bags to mugs and from paintings to prints. We’ll have local beer hampers, Christmas hampers and the opportunity to buy special products that are only available within the realms of Liverpool.


From an artist’s perspective, the advent of modern life has made it easier than ever to sell their work all over the world. Now, whilst the platform is easy, the reality of selling isn’t as easy. As things become easy for one artist, they become easier for every other artist too and suddenly we’re all drowning under a sea of poorly produced Banksy phone cases on Etsy. There’s no problem with Etsy, we happen to love it but it is the Sports Direct of websites as you have to wade through a lot of bad stuff to find the good.


“What is Independent Liverpool?” is a question we’ve been faced with many times. So often we’re so busy documenting other people’s lives and actions we can forget we’re living our own. It was a certain famous scouser who once said “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. It was always a question we found difficult to answer. How can something that is your every thought, action and dream be articulated into words that could ever give it justice?


To many, Independent Liverpool is a membership card. To others it’s a website, it’s a social movement, it’s the reason why they feel so hungry through the day and the reason why their jeans are a bit tighter. Sorry about that. The only way we could possibly sum it up is a love letter to Liverpool and we’re excited to reveal a new chapter. We’ve fantasised about the idea of a platform that collated interesting and local products from the crevices of our city’s homegrown talent for some time now. Not your usual fantasy, but a fantasy still. Undiscovered talent, dreamers and purveyors of the handmade and heartfelt that turn a wall into a talking point.


Like the idea? We hope so. Everything we’ve done, do or have plans of doing is for this city and for the wonderful inhabitants within it. Everything we’ve done you’ve all supported us with undeterred dedication and we can’t put into words how thankful we are. Look out on October 15th and treat yourself to something special.

If you’re an artist and want to sell your work with us, get in touch