How do you start your day?

A cup of coffee? Full English? Breakfast bar? This deliberation might seem tedious to you, but you should consider yourself privileged to have the choice. Today, hundreds of people woke up after a night on the streets, only to know they’ll have to do the same again. A sad reality but rather than moan, we’re going to tackle it head on. Most of you will be aware of the Whitechapel Centre, an initiative set up in 1975 to help the homeless. They work with some of the most vulnerable, isolated and lonely people in our community and offer much more than a shoulder to cry on. Say hello to the Big Boss Brekkie Week – the most important start to the day just got a lot more important. 

We’re asking you, yes you, to help  raise vital funds in order to help feed those in need all over Merseyside. It will take place from 19-25th June and all funds raised will go to giving the homeless of Liverpool a better start to the day. How do you do it? By eating a big, lovely brekkie. No, honest. At home, at work, in your shed, wherever you’d like, cook up some breakfast for friends and family and ask them to put their hands into the pocket at the end of it and donate the money made to The Whitechapel. It’s that simple. Just like the MacMillan coffee week but less scones and more sausages. Just £5, the price of a couple coffees a month, pays for a cooked breakfast for 10 rough sleepers. There’s close to half a million people in Merseyside, imagine the effect we could have. Imagine the mouths we could feed, the smiles we could give and the attitudes we could change. As well as that, we will also be getting many of Liverpool’s amazing independents to sign up so when you have breakfast there, a percentage of what you’ve paid will go to Whitechapel.

Since the shocking 40% rise in homeless in Liverpool since 2011, they say you’re only two pay packets away from being homeless yourself. The sad rise in homeless has increased a rise in kindness – Liverpool style. So many are doing so much good for the cause and we just want to try to help ourselves. With Whitechapel’s resources and our audience, we can do something really special here. For Whitechapel – it’s much more than breakfast – food is a great way for them to engage with people, gain trust and then offer help when people have finished breakfast, had a shower and change of clothes. Ultimately, it’s all about getting people indoors and off the street. Check out the website here for more information, join our Facebook group here and sign up here and start a sponsor page.

 photo by Mike Brits