Penny Lane is famous in near enough every corner of the world and it is where Tavern Co. calls home.

Tavern Co.have managed to mix Motown and Mexico together in an astonishing medley. The interior is delightful; funky ornaments hang off the wall, retro fruit machines that probably have jackpots with shillings and sixpences in, and a whole host of eclectic instruments are scattered round the venue with strategic abandon. Interior aside, what is their recipe for success? An award winning breakfast is the answer. Last year they were awarded the prestigious title of “Best Breakfast In The UK” and we’re proud to announce they’ve won it for the second year. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Tavern Co. take this seriously, with their incredible offering where people will queue for up to an hour on a weekend. They get almost 3000 people a week off to a great start and they even have a specific Gluten Free breakfast menu. The Full English is incredible, the quality of the sausages is the most notable factor and the Texas Toast is so thick that it could double up as a door wedge. The toast, however, is so delicious that imagining doing anything with it other than eating it is hilarious and blasphemous. They’re famous for their pancakes that are stacked skyscraper high and come dripping in maple syrup. Sometimes it can be hard to decide between pancakes and the Full English so we suggest a Full English with a pancake on the side, we won’t judge you, neither will they. Tavern Co. first started serving breakfast on Sundays almost 20 years ago and 12 people came into the venue, now they have hundreds of people queuing down the street on a Sunday.

Congratulations Tavern, here’s to another year of helping the hungover, feeding the family and making sure the people of Liverpool get the best start to the day.