You can now watch the stars of Hollywood under the stars of Liverpool.

No longer are people attracted by the bright lights of the blatantly obvious and neon-lit pseudo trash. Instead, we’re turning towards doors where we have no idea what’s on the other side and rooftops converted into cinemas. A couple months ago Secret Garden Cinema launched, armed with deckchairs, astro turf and blockbuster films from the last few decades. Ranging from Pulp Fiction to Grease and everything in between, every film is a cult favourite and the setting is most definitely unique.


We’ve been twisting their arm at a medium pace for sometime now and have managed to get an exclusive discount code. Head to their website and type in SECRET20 from now until 16th August and you’ll get a fabulous 20% off all tickets. Hey, don’t thank us, you deserve it. Not only is the view of Liverpool completely breathtaking but this is a step in the right direction for Liverpool so support it if you can.

Head to their website now and get yourself booked in for a unique experience.