Drunk off milkshakes? You had us at drunk. Summer just got interesting.

Over the last year or two, Liverpool has exploded with new places. Amid the offering, there’s a new place called Moloko, which we’re finding hard to compare to anywhere else in Liverpool. It’s the kind of places where you have to chew your beverages and they’re more of a challenge than a drink. The kind of place where you can leave drunk off milkshakes and where jam sandwiches aren’t seen as enough, so they’re deep fried. In the name of research, we went down to drink our weight in shakes. If you’re on a diet, look away now.


Now first off, the namesake. Film buffs, any clue? Give up? Well, Moloko was the name of the milk in Stanley Kubrick’s movie A Clockwork Orange. You learn something new every day. The space is huge, which we were very happy about as after one of their shakes you’ll need a whole booth to yourself to bask on the couch a woozy sea lion. The venue captures the spirit of the American diner where people can come relax in a booth, have a nice conversation over brunch and waddle home afterwards. Multi-coloured light sabres are the main centrepiece to a really well-lit venue with various art pieces adorning each wall. It’s bright and as interesting as their menu. 

FullSizeRender (27)

Moloko opens during the day for brunch but on the weekends goes until the early hours of the morning. Yes, a place where you can work your afternoon brunch off on the very same dance floor hours later. When asked what we’d like off the menu, we jokingly said “everything” but what happened next was no laughing matter. Here are just a selection of the reasons you need to visit Moloko, from savoury to sweet and the odd 24oz of controlled chaos in between. Hangovers won’t know what hit them.



The Girl Scout Cookie Shake (cookie dough, ice cream, marshmallows and cointreau liqueur)

FullSizeRender (25)

Chocolate Brownie With Pretzels, Melted Marshmallow And Ice Cream


Strawberry Cheesecake Shake (blended vanilla ice cream, strawberries, digestive biscuit and baileys)


French Toast With Vanilla Cream


Twista Cocktail (A childhood classic with an adult twist)


Deep Fat Fried Jam Sandwich


Jaffa Quake Shake (smashed jaffa cake, ice creams, orange chocolate sauce and chocolate vodka)


I think we can all agree going through that photo album was emotional. As well as what you’ve already seen, they also do a great range of savoury brunch items. From grilled cheeses to steak and eggs and more, this is the perfect new brunch spot.


2 St Peter’s Square, L1 4AS