August last year was when our baby was born, was it a boy, was it a girl? No, it was a card.

Nearly 12 months on and we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting like an overweight version of ‘The Thinker’ sculpture where both the surreal and the stupendous come to mind. As we gear up for a second edition of the card with a new design, we have also kept something under wraps for some time and we’re happy to let people know our second child will be born on July 4th, something called ‘Peepl’. Now what is Peepl you ask, rather than a grammatically incorrect version of an Oxford Dictionary word? Well, let us tell you all about it…


Who here has used Groupon or Wowcher or any other similar service? Don’t avoid eye contact, put your hand up high so we can see you. Daily deals with obscure discounts and cringey email subjects haunt our modern lives and our destiny is doomed from the dreaded moment we give them our email. Much like Independent Liverpool, we plan to offer an alternative service that has an overarching ethical standpoint with buckets of positivity whilst promising not to fill up your email with junk. Enter ‘Peepl’, in effect we will be adding a face to a very faceless market and get great deals for you to enjoy experiences you may never have before and effectively get bums on seats. Think of it like Independent Liverpool but with a slightly better physique and more fortunate    endowment. In a nutshell we will be offering you fine folks the ability to buy one-off daily deals that are extremely favourable for you but here’s the plot twist; the independents benefit too. We personally know people who have had to give up their self-employment or latest venture due to these kind of services and there are countless examples of these kind of companies engaging in some nasty activities. The perfect dichotomy of being cash rich but morally bankrupt. Although they promise volume they do not promise stability and without the notion of stability, how can any independent flourish?

You may have heard about our plans on July 4th, you’ve heard of Independence Day, well we’re doing ‘Independents Day’ in which we will be encouraging one full day of shopping local. The idea of the day is to get as many people choosing independents as possible for this one day and as an incentive, we have secured 10% off in over 100 independents in Liverpool. You don’t need to have a card to join in the fun for the day, July 4th is the day everybody is a cardholder. You just simply need to turn up and you’ll be rewarded for your localised heroism. That being said, we do have surprises for cardholders on the day so make sure you keep up to date. We know you love it when we keep you in suspense.

Here is the first time anyone has seen the list of the places where you will be able to get your discounts on that glorious day, expect to see those posters all over Liverpool;


I think we can all agree Independent Liverpool has always meant much more than just a discount card, it is an active collective of peaceful protestors who make the effort wherever they can to pop in to an independent. Peepl will work on the same premise but the more attractive deals will hopefully encourage people to do so on a more regular basis. The good people of Liverpool have already shown us so much support with all our endeavours thus far and we have confidence that the support will only continue and we can all have a lot of fun in the process. If you want to keep up to date with Peepl then like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and also visit the website for more information about our plans.

See you on July 4th. Let’s make our own fireworks.