A part theatrical city walk, part scavenger hunt, part escape game adventure.

The Hidden Histories Experience is a truly unique, immersive and thrilling historical adventure through 800 years of Liverpool’s hidden history. This completely original adventure is the first of its kind in Liverpool, and is sure to delight, thrill and thoroughly entertain everyone who is brave enough to accept the mission. This type of theatre has been an overwhelming success in places such as New York, Chicago, and Toronto, and it will finally get its debut in Liverpool this month.

MI5 are recruiting. A criminal mastermind has acquired the use of time travel and is going through Liverpool’s famous 800 year history erasing its past from the history books. Your mission is simple. Travel through time, collect evidence, solve puzzles, crack codes, discover secrets, and interact with real life characters (including a 14th century Grave Digger and a Victorian Criminal) to piece back together the city’s rich, exciting past. You have 90 minutes to complete your mission before Liverpool’s past is deleted forever. The city’s future is in your hands.

Throughout this fully immersive, actor-led, self guided tour of the original streets of Liverpool, unearth hidden relics, untold tales, forgotten features and historical characters as the city’s vibrant past is brought back to life in all its awe-inspiring glory. From the independent theatre company which brought the award winning Legends of Liverpool walking show to the city in 2014 and 2015 (Winner of Best Told Story, Visit England and Runner Up of Best Experience, Liverpool City Region Awards).

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