The story of Granby is one that truly encapsulates the defiant spirit Liverpool has become so well known for.

Granby, in L8, went from a neglected wasteland to being nominated for a community regeneration Turner Prize. L8 has always been an area shrouded in bleak history, mainly due to the riots in the 80’s that saw houses destroyed, cars burnt and people leave. Over the last few years there has been a real fight from the people that never left, to show the forgotten beauty of L8. In the form of people, architecture and community, a small few dedicated their lives to challenging predispositions of the area.

One of the streets in Toxteth revdeveloped by the Granby Four Streets community land trust.

In a nutshell, the local community have taken control of the area and are working closely alongside property developers and other organisations to restore houses and get business booming. Their vision for the future is to make the area the greenest quarter in the city by populating the streets with an abundance of plants. The Community Land Trust want to create a thriving, vibrant, mixed community, building on the existing creativity, energy and commitment within the community, where people from all walks of life can live, work and play. A beautiful and honest mission that now seems more achievable than ever.


To celebrate how far they’ve come, they hold a community market on the first Saturday of every month where local arts and craft people, food traders and the local community have a huge street party. This Saturday September 5th is the last one before a special Christmas time bonanza so head on down. If that wasn’t enough, there is also an open day between 11am-3pm at 142 Granby Street to showcase their new social enterprise: Granby Workshop. To echo the hands on approach, this new enterprise is a way for the local community and beyond to come together and make products for homes. From door handles to fireplaces and from bathroom tiles to tables, the idea is to continue supporting the local culture of making, DIY and creativity. There will be a special printmaking workshop on the day which will allow people to decorate their own apron and take it home with them.


Photo by Lewis Jones

All profits feed back into a youth programme and future community DIY projects in Granby. The people of Granby are hand crafting their own futures and laying the foundations for the future. The very definition of sustainability. Whilst a future here once looked grim, the future generations can look forward to one with a job, one with happiness and one made by their very own hands.


Photo by Lewis Jones


142 Granby St,

L8 2US,


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