Two scousers walk into a bar in Texas…

The beginnings of a joke? Sounds it, doesn’t it? Well this visit was to be no joke, a visit which now culminates in the opening of DCBC or otherwise known as The Dead Crafty Beer Company. These lifelong Liverpool natives, holidaying in Texas, entered a craft beer bar for the first time, a visit which left a lasting mark, a visit that created a burning desire to bring their experience to their home city of Liverpool. A new hop head quarters that will be your new favourite watering hole.


Inspired by the social experience in Texas, they sought to export it to a city renowned for its warmth and humour. They wanted to create a social destination, fuelled by unique, highly sought after craft beer from all over the world. But, what exactly is craft beer? Any clear definition is hard to nail down but DCBC aim to bring a journey of unique and specialist tastes from across the world – allowing the individual to create their own definition. When people think about craft beer they think of a hirsute male, with a twirly moustache sipping on some sort of Pumpkin IPA. That simply isn’t the case. It is new, exciting and here to stay.


Craft Beer has grown hugely in the UK over the past twelve months, spurred on by the massive growth in North America. Founded in 1988, Brooklyn Brewery based in Williamsburg – has grown to be one of the most famous breweries in the US. In 1984, Steve Hindy ended a five and a half-year tour as the Middle East Correspondent for the Associated Press where he covered wars and assassinations in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Sudan. Returning home to Brooklyn he and his neighbour Tom Potter quit their jobs to found Brooklyn Brewery. Brooklyn has long been the home of immigrants, movers, artists, creative geniuses and small business idols – mirroring the creative fellow port city of Liverpool. DCBC are honoured to host Brooklyn Brewery CEO Steve Hindy on their official launch on March 18th. This visit is a first for Steve to Liverpool and offers a unique chance for craft beer aficionados to interact with a leading light in the international craft beer industry.


The Dead Crafty Beer Company launches on March 18th, let the games begin.


Westminster Chambers, Dale Street, Liverpool, L1 6DQ