“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” – Mark Twain

Although there is a designated day on the calendar to show your Mum your love, we recommend doing it a lot more than that. This year we have put together a special Mother’s Day Hamper which should give you enough brownie points to give you a mother-induced stress-free couple of months. Only joking, that’ll never happen…

So what’s in the hamper?

Picture this: your mum can wake up with a cup of LEAF’s English Breakfast tea to be enjoyed with a vanilla cupcake with chocolate fudge icing and a pretty pink edible flower on top from Laura’s Little Bakery.

Then later on in the afternoon mama can have a glass of rosé whilst nibbling on a bar of milk chocolate with dried rose petals inside and six delicious truffles made by local chocolatier Circa Cocoa.

And since it’s Mother’s Day, she’s entitled to a few glasses of wine, so what’s a better way to enjoy the second and third glass than soaking in a bath with a luscious bath bomb from local bath enthusiasts Rubber Duck Shop. 

And to top it off you get to give her a Cards 4 Scousers greeting card and tell her how boss of a Ma she is. 

Give your Mum a day off and treat her to something local this Mother’s Day. 

Mothers Day Hamper

Hampers will be available to be picked up from Rex: The Concept Store (in the basement of Rapid on Basnett Street, L1 1EA) from 10am the 12th of March.

Hampers cost £30.