There is nothing peanut butter and a big spoon can’t fix.

You either like peanut butter or you’re wrong. Actually, you might be allergic to it in which case, you’re very sensible. If you ever come across someone who tells you that you’re putting too much peanut butter on things, get rid of them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. In a world where the saturated fats market has reached saturation, the world has gone a bit cleaner. The epidemic came in the form of kale, quinoa, coconut oil and more recently, thanks to Julian Campbell, peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter can actually be really good for you, proving there is definitely a God. Julian started off with peanuts and has self-funded his dream and we sat down over a slather to find out his story.

Despite it being a few days into March we’re still eating like it’s the Christmas holidays and we’re blaming the fact Easter is almost upon us. A time when a creme egg is a part of your five a day, every day. In rather ingenious fashion, Julian has created a creme egg nut butter that has got the whole world talking. Yes, a spreadable creme egg mixture that will complete every dream you never even realised you had. Grab a pot here and support this local man’s mission to get people eating peanut butter, one pot at a time.