‘The Merchant’ is set to open its doors on Slater Street next year.

Whilst it has kind of been our job to look at Liverpool through rose-tinted glasses and talk about how good the city is doing, there’s still a Mello Mello shaped hole in all of it. A veggie breakfast and impromptu live jazz night void that, despite our best efforts, we haven’t been able to fill. How can you replace MelloMello? Truth is, you can’t. But, what use is a building gathering up dust? The answer is none. Rather than mourn the loss of Mello Mello anymore, we’re embracing the change and exciting about those doors being reopened. 


The Chibuku duo and the Shipping Forecast are the team that have taken over the building. Both are arguably at the forefront of Liverpool’s nightlife and music scene and we’ve been promised the building is in safe hands. The Merchant will be a bright space with a Scandinavian-feel; a Nordic nod to our ancestors. The deep and dark Norwegian wood will be an unintentional homage to The Beatles and we imagine there’ll be cascading plants everywhere bursting with jewels of lush hot greens. The space plans to have a multi-use arts event space upstairs and a rear garden with a street food style menu.