There’s no taste like home.

Global Scouse Day, if you haven’t heard, is a day to celebrate the wonders of scouse. Don’t know what scouse is? Well, scouse is a type of lamb or beef stew. The word comes from ‘lobscouse’, a stew commonly eaten by sailors throughout Northern Europe, which became popular in seaports such as Liverpool. On the 28th February thousands of people all over the world will be getting the big pan out, cooking up a scouse storm and feeding their friends and families. In typical Liverpool fashion, we couldn’t leave anybody out and a local catering company are warming under privileged kids bellies whilst simultaneously warming all our hearts.


Carringtons Catering are a local independent company that have catered for events all over the North West for more than 35 years. On Global Scouse Day they will be dropping pans of delicious scouse to Nugent Care’s Epsom Street Community Centre, a community service that engages with local children after school and during holidays. A wonderful, wonderful gesture. Global Scouse Day is about more than just a pan of scouse and deciding between beetroot and cabbage, it is about celebrating our culture and who we are as people and there’s nothing more Liverpool than that.


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