Liverpool and beyond, the bagel-shaped hole in your life is officially filled.

In 2013, good friends Rhonda and Nat, came to the sad realisation that there are no decent bagels in Liverpool. Rather than complain they took it on themselves to perfect the world of bagels and make sure lunch time offerings in Liverpool would never be the same. After starting off making them in their home with traditional recipes and cycling their bagels to local independents, they now have their own premises in the beautiful China town, right next to the arch and are boldly going where no bagel has gone before with flavours, combinations and ingredients that’d make Mary Berry need to sit down.      


As soon as people cut their bagels in half they were hooked. New orders were coming in every week, they were selling out at farmers markets and had hit maximum bagel capacity. They both knew it was time. Time to swap their house for a premises, their oven for a kitchen, their table for a counter and their dreams for reality. It doesn’t stop there, either. This isn’t a get rich quick Ponzi scheme, these two ladies are in it for the long-run and once they’ve settled they want to give back to the community what the community has give into them. All their ingredients will be sourced locally, put on bagel master classes and baking apprenticeships for next generation and pave the way for a life full of bagels.


Now let’s get down to the important stuff; the bagels themselves. If you’re afraid of flavour, look away now. There’s black forest bagels, cinnamon raisin bagels, blueberry bagels, salted jalapeño bagels and beetroot bagels. The possibilities are endless. They will also have single origin filter coffee that will be ethically sourced and freshly roasted, a fine combination. To go alongside the bagels there will be a range of cream cheeses and toppings to accentuate the flavours in the bagels. As well as bagels, there will be freshly baked English muffins with proper butter and German style pretzels with dipping cheese with different specials on each day. Their menu promises to consist of delicious baked delights that we all enjoy but weirdly struggle to find in the labyrinth of Liverpool’s food scene.


As much as it is about the bagels, it is also much more than that. Through rain, snow and on the occasional sunny morning they have delivered these bagels by bicycle to local, independent coffee shops and cafés. Through sickness, flat tyres, broken ovens and the occasional mental breakdown they have survived to tell the tale, granted, with a few extra grey hairs and some well-earned wrinkles along the way. The hard work doesn’t finish there and this isn’t the happy ever after at the end of the book. This is the a new chapter, a new beginning and an exciting addition that’ll fit in Liverpool’s independent scene quite nicely.

Congratulations on opening, we’re so proud of you two.

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