It seems as if Liverpool wins a different award each week.

It was recently crowned the most entrepreneurial city in the UK, is renowned for its night outs and has now been named the third best destination to visit by Trip Advisor. Liverpool’s fortunes have historically been tied to shipping. But imports and exports like sugar, spice and tobacco pale in comparison with Liverpool’s most famous export of all — The Beatles. A band, sometimes, we may all take for granted but their legacy still lives on and their impact is just as big today as it was back then.

If you missed the memo, we love Liverpool and we happen to know a couple of million people who’d back us up on that. From far away and close up, it is beautiful; our buildings, our views, our food and drink and most importantly, our people. Liverpool is a shifting outpost of defiance and determination, it is a story telling city, a proud city and whilst most people thought we were ready to wave the white flag just a couple decades ago, the city has risen out of the ashes in a typical Liverpool fashion to show the rest of the world we’re not to be underestimated.

Here is the link to the article where Liverpool came third, just behind London and Edinburgh. Number one, we’re coming for you in 2017.