A few years ago a few archaic stereotypes would lead people to believe Liverpool was full of nothing but thievin’ Scousers in shell suits. Well, we’re pleased to announce, it’s calmed down, calmed down.

It’s official – no longer do you have to worry you’ll come back to a car with no wheels when you park in Liverpool as the city is named one of the safest places to live in the whole UK. We knew that, you knew that but these figures now show the rest of the world that. Liverpool is a city with tribal-like pride. Often we’ve been accused of having chips on our shoulders and on our plates but new research disputes this. Partly the reason why Independent Liverpool was born was to challenge the world’s antiquated views of Scousers and show the world we’re home to beautiful architecture, food, drink and of course, people.


The figures, disclosed by the government in response to a Parliamentary Question by Tory MP Philip Hollobone, show offences across all of England’s police forces. They reveal that violent attacks are also twice as common in London than in the area patrolled by Merseyside police. In 2011/12 just 10 people in a thousand on Merseyside were burgled. In comparison to London, people from Merseyside are 20% less likely to be burgled – and less than twice as likely to suffer from motor offences. Greater Manchester also suffers 20% higher rates of burglary than in the Liverpool area – and a third higher reported “offences against vehicles”. West Midlands Police, covering England’s second city Birmingham, also reports higher levels of burglary and car crime than Liverpool – with 10% more home break-ins per person and 50% more car crime. West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire Police, covering Leeds and Sheffield, also suffer in comparison to Merseyside. In West Yorkshire 13 people in a thousand suffer burglaries – 30% higher than in the Liverpool area.  South Yorkshire residents meanwhile are 50% more likely to be broken into. Car crime in both areas is also higher.


The figures go on and on but you get the point. Liverpool is in the midst of a digital, cultural and foodie revolution and isn’t bad for a night out either. If all that wasn’t good enough, now we’re one of the safest.

Nice one Liverpool