What are you doing on 4th July?

In Manhattan you can expect fireworks aplenty in celebration for Independence Day and in good old Merseyside you can expect some of the same. We’re having a party at Constellations called “Independents Day” (see what we did there?) a day of festival fun celebrating the independents in our city. We’re quite fond of them, in case you hadn’t realised. If all that wasn’t good enough, the event is entirely free!


Kicking off at 2pm in the afternoon at Constellations, one of Liverpool’s best beer gardens, expect live DJs, craft cocktails, BBQ food, ice cold beers, ice cream, ping pong and fun in the sun until 3am. Yes, 3am! So don’t peak too early as we won’t want you missing out on any of the fun. During the day expect soul, funk and hip hop in the garden and disco, house and techno in the night. DJs are Mark Forshaw, Binny, Jay Jay da Funk, Andrew Fisher, Alex Jackson, Andrew Cooke, Bill Heckle and Mad Mike Brown. A lovely bunch of people who will supply the music for the afternoon. They can’t be held responsible for you believing you can dance, you can take those complaints to the bar.


On a daily basis we encourage people to discover, support and love independents in Liverpool that whilst might be out the corner of your eye, definitely deserve a place in your heart. This is a way for us all to come together for a day, have a beer or three, have an ice cream or four, have a game of ping pong, have a dance, have a chat, maybe a club neck or two and revel in the delight that is our independent scene.


Remember, the event is entirely free so bring your mate, bring your partner, bring the in laws or bring your Nan. Love Lane from Liverpool Craft Beer is on draft so maybe bring your wallet too. We’ll see you there, we can’t wait.

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