The independent utopia of Bold Street continues.

What do over 50 entrepreneurs, makers and shakers all have in common? For the last couple of years they have all called REX home. Rex takes the pop-up shop concept to the next level; whilst Rex is a permanent space, at any one time it houses 50 plus different pop-up sellers which is ever-changing and ever-evolving. This independent emporium is a unique collection of local retailers, artists, and designers ranging from Scouse greeting cards, oil paintings and vintage clothing. Each different seller brings something unique to the shop and the individuality of all of these creative businesses certainly speaks out for the talent we have in this city. Over the last few years they’ve popped up in various spaces – from the basement of Rapid to the top floor of the Met Quarter but their next move is the most exciting of them all as they prepare to occupy the old HMV building on the 1st of April. No April fools.


At the last count there were 55 different sellers at Rex, and there’s literally something for everybody. To name just a few there’s the UK’s youngest entrepreneur (aged 11!) called Paw-a-Bella who sells dog accessories. There’s the Feel Supreme guys who have just left university and specialise in hard-pressed coconut oils which heal the body. Cards 4 Scousers have got a wall selling their scouse greeting cards (we bought many of the “Happy Chrimbo ya little Divvy!” cards for all of our friends). From local jams to vintage clothes and everything in between, many independents have come together to show strength through unity in a time where it isn’t conceivable to afford rent alone.


We caught up with Matt Bell and Gary Carney to find out how it feels to move to the ever-growing and ever popular Bold Street:

Matt Bell, Director at Revolver Retail says;

“The opportunity to open REX on Bold Street was something we couldn’t pass up. Since we began, we’ve looked at Bold Street as the independent heartbeat of the city so to put REX in amongst the city’s finest local businesses, is something that we’ve always wanted to do.

We want to create a space on Bold Street where people come not just to shop, but to socialise, collaborate and be creative. Bold Street is steeped in history with not just local businesses but brands that have gone on to be internationally successful stores, so where better to continue the REX journey?”

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Gary Carney, Director at Revolver Retail added;

“Bold Street has been, and still is to this day, a hot bed of innovation. In recent years we’ve seen some fantastic additions to the street in the form of bars and restaurants, now it’s time for a retail resurgence on one of Liverpool’s grand old streets, and we think REX will fit in well to what is already a thriving independent community.”

Fancy trading there? Following this link here to find out more. Keep up to date with REX on Facebook here and visit their website here.

Good luck to everyone involved, we can’t wait to visit.