Pizza is your best friend, in a world we must defend.

Cast your mind back to a much simpler time where the toughest decision you’d ever make is deciding between bringing your Bulbasaur or your Arbok to battle in your imaginary arena with a best friend. Pokemon was a phenomenon that captured the minds and hearts of a generation and very recently, every big kid and actual kid took to the streets in the search of Pokemon. Pokemon Go is an app heavily focused on augmented reality where you can capture Pokemon in and around your city. Games have been notorious in history for turning people reclusive but this game has got people active, talking to strangers and has created a buzz around the city. As a result, one local pizza shop cum Pokestop, has created a pizza that you need to catch in your mouth.

pokemon pizza

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, you’re staring at a Pokemon pizza. Isn’t it just beautiful? It’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Il Forno are well known for their creative twists on their pizza. They’ve created Harry Potter pizzas in honour of the wizard and now they’ve upped their game with this stunning pizza. It’s full of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and black olives. Delicious. If you think that’s impressive, check out the Pikachu sushi that their neighbours Sapporo, just up the road, have created. Sushi has never felt like such an art. Although the Pokemon addict within us would feel horrifically guilty tucking into such a rare and cute Pokemon, we’re pretty sure we’d have Ash’s blessings once he’d tasted how delicious it is.


Your move Liverpool.