The new bar plans to be more Heebies than Heebies.

From the pioneers behind Heebie Jeebies, The Jacaranda Club and Jacaranda Records, a new bar and club is rocking Liverpool down to its very core and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Heebies Basement has been known for crazy late nights for longer than most of you people have been alive. Refreshingly unique, wonderfully insane and undeniably spectacular, EBGBS is the club you’ve always wanted but never dared to go and it opens 16th September. 

Drawing influences from its 200 year history, the club stands proud as an ancient lone wolf that’s survived the ages. EBGBS combines the grittiness of an underground cellar with the drinks quality Liverpool has become famous for and it doesn’t stop there. Not just content with having one of the most impressive sound and lighting systems in the city, the resident performers will ensure every night in EBGBS feels like there’s no place like it on earth. Don’t be surprised if your drinks are served though a flaming inferno… How else are you supposed to get them?!

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If it all sounds a bit much don’t panic, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As well as a high octane club room, EBGBS is also home to the Lone Wolf bar. Open 7 days a week and serving drinks that range from cheap and cheerful bottles of beer to some uniquely crafted cocktails, The Lone Wolf is our biker inspired bar room. Designed for you to chill your heels in while you wait for the main event, or to just while away the hours in style, it serves as the perfect complement to the rest of the venue’s raging madness.

The club room is where we really turn the dial up to 11. Treading the lines between a live venue and an old school club, EBGBS houses Liverpool’s longest running Indie/Alternative night – Liquidation. Hosting some incredible new nights including Gigantic, Shush Silent Disco and Ministry of Sound events, find Liverpool’s craziest parties here on a weekly basis.

A place where memories are lost and stories are made, EBGBS is a destination where every generation of party goer wishes the sun never rises and the music never stops. EBGBS will be opening mid September, like them on Facebook here to keep up to date. Check out their website here