Return of The Giants.

The award winning giant puppets we’ve all come to love could be set to return to the streets of Liverpool as part of celebrations to mark 10 years since the city was Capital of Culture in 2008. ‘Eighteen for 18’ will feature 18 major cultural events throughout the year with the full programme being announced in the autumn. The Giants were last in the city in 2014 and drew huge crowds as they commemorated the outbreak of World War One. At the moment it has just been heavily hinted and speculated but it really seems that it could be true.

The Giants coming to Liverpool was a really special moment for all involved. Never has the city felt so electric. In 2018 the theme will be the end of the Great War and the event hopes to attract 5m people and generate £50m for the local economy. Mayor Anderson has suggested that the Tall Ships could also make a return to the city and commented that the celebration would “make everyone who lives here proud and everyone that doesn’t live here wonder why they don’t”.

Special thanks to Ant Clausen for the featured image.