Liverpool is full of interesting people. Most of them just happen to be behind the wheel.

black cabbb

How long have you managed a conversation with a taxi driver before blurting out “What time are you on till?”. Our record was 18 seconds. The twitches, the shakes and the lip biting before your Britishness takes over and you’re left just another statistic. Taxi drivers, what would we do without them, eh? Who would get us to work in a hurry, get us home in the rain and most importantly, who would listen to our drunken conversations at 3am in the morning? It has just dawned on you that there was a sober person listening, hasn’t it? Just pretend it never happened. GetTaxi, a global taxi app that works exclusively with local cabbies, has announced expansion and they’re now in Liverpool! You can book future rides, pay via your debit card and it is available 24/7. Download the app here, it is pretty nifty and you get confirmation of drivers licences and ID so it is very safe. To celebrate the launch we’ve managed to get 2000 £10 coupons. We have no idea how, either. The code is ‘independentlpool10’ type it into the coupon bit after you’ve downloaded it and you get £10 of credit worth to try

Enjoy the ride!