The Legendary Jamaican eatery Raggas are opening up another shop after the success of their Smithdown and Lark Lane restaurants and where else but the buzzing Bold Street?

Indian is our national dish, we all love a Chinese on a weekend but there is a cuisine becoming ever-increasingly popular; Caribbean. Born out of apathy towards the current Caribbean offering in Liverpool, brothers Verdain and Gareth, with the help of lots of family and Ragga – a mysterious chef with all the recipes, decided to take the task on themselves. Ragga hails from Port Antonio which is about 60 miles away from Kingston and is the third largest port, making his childhood full of fresh fish and seafood dishes which still influences the menu today. Their first venue Smithdown became so popular that they had to rope in their Mum and the other Brother to help keep up with demand. This led to a Lark Lane version and next week they will be opening their Bold Street restaurant and they’ve promised for it to be bigger and better than ever. Raggas are putting the rum in rumours as news circulates about a possible rum bar called “Rumba Room” upstairs.


We spoke to the brothers behind Raggas and they said this:

“Liverpool has always been synonymous with Afro-Caribbean culture and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of that. We wanted to mix an iconic culture with an iconic street and bring a bit of Caribbean to Bold Street. The street is amazing at the moment, you can get Italian, Indian Street Food, Moroccan and we want to be able to offer Caribbean to this cultural hot spot.”

Congratulations Raggas! We hope you’re all ready for love at first bite if you’re yet to try it. They’re also looking for some part time staff so email your CV to if you’re interested.

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