A true family business.

Almost four decades ago Loraine Whittle swapped her dreams for reality and opened The Dutch Flower Shop, an incredible boutique flower shop based in Wavertree that is one of the longest standing family-run businesses in the region. Although they’re in the business of flowers, not once has their passion wilted over the past 36 years and as a result has amassed a peerless reputation, an incredibly loyal client-base and a contract with probably the biggest ACC in the world.


Offering freshness which cannot be beaten and A-grade quality, The Dutch Flower Shop are one of the only florists to order their flowers whilst they are still being grown, meaning they have the pick of the most exquisite and premium blooms. Their flowers are longer lasting due to these rapid overnight deliveries and the flowers retain their optimal freshness in a special conditioning room prior to being arranged into bouquets and delivered to clients. They order the flowers at 11am on one day and they’re in the shop 6pm the following day. You can’t get fresher than that. All flowers are personally delivered to all of Manchester and Merseyside by their very own drivers, making buying flowers, somewhat even more romantic. For all of you reading this just a tad further away, you can still order as they have a special courier service available.


Almost four decades on and her son, Daniel Whittle, is driving the business forward. Over the past few years they’ve secured contracts with the likes of Liverpool Echo Arena and have Liverpool and Everton Football Club as regular customers. Not bad for a small shop in Wavertee, eh? Although Daniel’s roots have always been in the shop, it wasn’t until he turned 17 that he started to get really involved. Their flower arrangements are award-winning and for good reason. The level of craft shown by local people really perpetuates the ideology of floristry being an art. Another reason to support local and support this wonderful shop, a mantra The Dutch Flower shop has always embodied. 

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We’re in a bygone age of disposability where you’re considered a success story if you can last a year. The team at Dutch Flower Shop have seen it all over the past four decades, as you can imagine. They’ve seem the economy bubble blow and burst, they’ve seen supermarkets undercut them and watched fellow florists shut up shop. The fact that after all this time, they’re still growing is a testament to them and their service. The barrier between customers and employees is lost at that very table in Wavetree and everyone is seen as a friend. The resurgence of the shop local mentality has been invaluable for them and whilst not everything has been a field of daisies, it seems to be all coming up roses.

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You can order via shop, phone or email. Check out the their website here or give them a call on 0151 737 1595.

Address: 123-125 Woolton Rd, Liverpool L15 6TB