Bongo’s Bingo has been a huge party of the effervescent Liverpool nightlife.

They’ve given thousands of revellers of the night memories that will stick with them, whether they be good or bad, and now they’re asking you to give something back. From impromptu raves to giving away cruises, Bongo’s Bingo is a reflection of the man Jonny Bongo, in that it’s unapologetically outrageous. It must be the only event where you can enter on a bus and leave in a Mercedes. It has developed a cult-like status where hundreds of people will queue each week and for good reason, too. It’s similar to Glastonbury in the sense it offers a sense of freedom, a sense of legal chaos where you can let loose and be proud you know all the lyrics to Barbie Girl.


At Camp and Furnace on July 9th they’re delighted to announce their forthcoming Saturday Special for Charlie’s Chance. If you’re yet to hear about Charlie’s Chance, Charlie is a really special local lad who is in need of treatment in USA for his debilitating illness. He needs £140,000 in total to get there and has even received a huge donation from his idol, Steven Gerrard. Charlie is currently just £14,000 off hitting the target and this event will help get him here. All tickets are suggested donations, there will be some available on the door for those who cannot afford the suggested donation of £10 minimum. They’re also looking for people to give prizes and help sponsor the event, we will be throwing in free cards and free tickets to our food and drink festival this weekend.

Get your tickets here and let’s all come together to give Charlie a chance. More info about Charlie here