Welcome to Furnival’s Well. The ‘prison’ you’ll never want to leave.

For those of you not aware of the brilliance of Berry & Rye, we don’t blame you as it is literally one of Liverpool’s best kept secrets and best cocktail bars. The bar effuses an eclectic mix of whiskey, Blues & Jazz. It’s an intimate space that brings a touch of the Deep South to the North West. Ultimately though it’s the nostalgic, bluesy atmosphere and clandestine, underground feel that keeps the people coming back. An old-fashioned bar that specialises in just that. If you’re a fan of what they do, you’ll be delighted to hear about Furnival’s Well – the new bar we plan on drinking dry daily.


Picture the scene. December, 1866: You venture underneath the blue lamp, through the imposing, cold, stone walls and up the steps. You are escorted to your cell by your jailer, where you are sat down and questioned until you confess. You are unable to interact with anyone and chained to the walls. After a few hours of rehabilitation, you are happily released into the real world…

December 2016: You venture underneath the  same blue lamp, through the beautiful, listed, stone walls and up the steps. You are escorted to your cell by your host, where you are sat down and questioned until you order. You are among friends and chained to the menu. After a few hours of rehabilitation, you regretfully rejoin the real world. Almost 150 years apart, it’s funny how times change, isn’t it?

The guys were compelled to take on the responsibility as custodian of one of Liverpool’s finest buildings, the Bridewell on Campbell square. Apart from regularly housing the city’s inebriates, the building was once (temporarily) home to Charles Dickens while he was researching ‘The Uncommerical Traveller’. Dickens loved Liverpool, regularly conducting readings to sell out crowds (he once read A Christmas Carol to a crowd of over 2000 people at the Philharmonic Hall). Once remarking of the city “I left Liverpool at 4 o’clock in the morning, and I am so blinded by excitement…that I can hardly see to write, but I cannot tell you what a triumph we had”. It appears Liverpool has been a great night out for longer than we can all remember.


It is in this spirit that the guys have created their latest venture, Furnival’s Well. Named after the inn where Dickens resided for 4 years prior to his first visit to Liverpool, Furnival’s Well is a cocktail bar with a Victorian heartbeat. Dickens had an affair with the building and actually worked the night shift one evening. Yes, that’s right, Charles Dickens was a prolific journalist, novelist, and for one day in 1860, Liverpool police constable. Visitors can initially expect to enjoy drinks such as The Pickwick Warrior; a combination of Calvados, ginger & honey, citric acid, Sam Adams. Alongside these intriguing cocktails sit stouts, Irish Whiskeys, and an excellent gin menu. 2017 will also see the addition of a food offering which we are sure will soak up all that whisky. Cocktails will start at £6.50, and will be delivered with the same incomparable service as Berry & Rye.

Christmas has come early, folks. Follow them on Twitter here