Beards, they grow on you.

There’s an epidemic that has been brewing, a big hairy one. Fresh faces that were once shaved, hairless and youthful are now covered in hair as more men decide to free their follicles and let nature take its course. You call it facial hair, we call it awesomeness escaping through the face. There’s a special relationship between a man and his beard, he treats it like an offspring, nurturing it with fancy products, the occasional blow-dry and soft petting throughout the day. What if we told you there was a place you could take your beard and meet up with other beardy fellows where Brian Blessed is a patron? His physical presence may not be there but his kindred spirit floats into the event quite often. The aptly named Beerdfest will be taking place in Baltic Triangle’s latest independent Constellations on 6th September which is also World Beard Day; hooray!


Run independently by local singer Jodie Schofield, she spent some time in Brighton before returning back to the motherland and spontaneity got the better of her one day and she decided to go to the world moustache champions in Brighton centre. She only planned to go for a quick nose and hit the pub soon after but it was love at first sight and she became transfixed with the world of competitive beards. Was it the creativity, the testosterone in the air or was it the pint on arrival? Who knows, either way, she’s brought it to Liverpool and this September 6th will be its third year. The event will be starting from 3pm onwards, all hosted in Constellations, Baltic Triangle’s new kid on the block that is making a big impression. There is going to be live acoustic music, beard grooming tips, famous local barber Cut Throat Pete will be doing workshops and top tips and then of course, a big beard judging contest in the night. Categories include: best beerdfester, best BILF, best moustache, beard worth talking about and best fake beard so the ladies can get involved. Expect a few flowers in beards as they seem to be the latest trend these days.


You know that thing car drivers do when they let on to people who chose the same car or where you shoot a funny glance at someone wearing the same item of clothing as you? We do a version of that with beards, an arguably more hipster version. It’s just a little nod of appreciation to strangers to show a shared path they have both chosen has led to this very moment and we’re pleased to know there is a whole day where people can bound through beards. An esteemed judging panel has been collected so if you fancy competing or joining in with the fun, head down and have a fantastic time. The event is free for contestants and just £3 for the general public with proceeds going to the amazing people at CALM. With a great beard comes great responsibility so remember, a beard isn’t just for November, it is for life! Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


September 6th


Constellations, Baltic Triangle, 35-39 Greenland St, L1 0BS


£3 (free for contestants)